Anna Blessmann selected exhibitions and projects

The starting point for the Anna+Peter collaboration is the observation that contemporary art,
in a world where all artistic disciplines are now inextricably linked, should, from now on,
be addressed as a philosophy of society rather than in relation to the idea of form itself.

It is not through the object but rather through the exchange that we can experience today’s
world. Indeed, the work developed by Anna Blessmann and Peter Saville has moved very close
to conceptual art, abandoning the creation of forms to rearrange and re-evaluate cultural
contexts and positions.

Florence Derieux

For the celebration of its 30th anniversary the permanent collection of FRAC Champagne-Adenne will be on display, above and underground, in three different spaces and previously unseen areas of the absolutely spectacular Pommery Estate. The show, curated by Florence Derieux, begins in the reception area with the neon scenography by Matali Crasset and some historical pieces of Robert Adams, Robert Filliou, Dan Graham, General Idea, among others, together with a great tribute to Raymond Hains. This prepares the visions for the 30 meters underground parcours where on-site installations by contemporary French and international artists are on display in the cellars and the walls of the dark and endless corridors are occupied by video projections by Dara Birnbaum, Cyprien Gaillard, Mircea Cantor just to mention a few names. A real labyrinth or an Odyssey, as the tile of the show points up, which has its roots in Ancient Greece and leads to unknown paths and adventures, views and voices, explorations and interpretations. A journey that opens our eyes on the history of an institution, leading us to a lost ‘Calypsos Island’.

Klea Charitou

Photos: Frac Champagne-Ardenne and Hoi Chi Ng

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