Anna Blessmann selected exhibitions and projects

Volcano Extravaganza 2013
Evil Under the Sun curated by Lucy McKenzie with Milovan Farronato

In the spirit of Swing Projects our contribution is intended to be practical, collaborative and performative. In anticipation of the environment we have chosen to use sun-umbrellas as our medium. A number of parasols will be brought to Stromboli to use as the canvas for works made during our stay in response to the location, its light and colour. Then, when used by fellow participants and visitors these sun-umbrellas will add a new choreography of shape and colour to the landscape.

PRISM is pleased to announce Sister Sara’s Theme, an exhibition conceived as a soundtrack. Curators Gigiotto del Vecchio & Stefania Palumbo borrow the title from Ennio Morricone’s score for a feature film and present the exhibition as a homage to both Morricone and to the powerful entanglement of scripted drama and scripted music.

Morricone makes music for images, which gives del Vecchio & Palumbo the possibility to imagine a show as a soundtrack of a movie that is told through the works, an impossible movie, a conceptual vision. To tell stories is like inventing new worlds, creating different images, fantastic scenarios, putting every single piece together thanks to a unique frame: an amazing soundtrack that is there, in your mind and you only have to give it a material body.

Nina Beier, Anna Blessmann & Peter Saville, Michael Dean, Cyprien Gaillard, Eric Wesley, Douglas Gordon, William E Jones, Jonathan Monk, Anna Ostoya, J Parker Valentine, Cerith Wyn Evans, Bernadette Corporation with Benjamin Huseby and Jonathan Zawada

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