Anna Blessmann selected exhibitions and projects

Anna Blessmann and Peter Saville have been collaborating since the early 2000s, bringing their distinct sensibilities together in works that subtly invite interaction. For the Okayama Art Summit, the artists have created a large-scale installation on the third floor of the Korakukan Tenjin High School. Occupying ten meters at the center of a former classroom is a blue wooden form that resembles a runway or a stage. As the construction nears the room’s back wall, it turns perpendicularly to the ceiling. One large cleanly cut piece of blue open-cell foam is positioned on the vertical plane of the structure and another smaller piece just sits before it on the runway. The work welcomes the viewer to remove their shoes and sit and contemplate or to kneel, like a supplicant on the grounded piece of foam and to relate more intimately by touching or resting against the vertical piece. In this way, the installation plays with relation, exchange, and perspective.

Liam Gillick

Photos: Okayama Art Summit

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