Anna Blessmann selected exhibitions and projects

The Serpentine presented Passer-by, an exhibition by Atelier E.B, the collaborative fashion label by designer Beca Lipscombe and artist Lucy McKenzie.

A series of newly commissioned works by contemporary artists investigating the display of fashion forms part Atelier E.B’s exhibition at the Serpentine Galleries this autumn. The sculptural installation Parts Two Plus One by Anna Blessmann displays garments from Atelier E.B’s previous clothing collections suspended from silicone casts of the artist’s own arms and an abstract fur form that is both a display device and fashion accessory. These bodiless forms emerge from the wall, drawing our attention to gestures that are embedded within acts of dressing and undressing. Uncanny in both form and association, the work shifts beyond the traditional shop mannequin into the mechanical realm of robotics and the potential for automated motion.

Taking the figure of the mannequin as its central theme, the exhibition transformed the Gallery into three distinct interiors: a bespoke showroom for Atelier E.B’s latest collection, in which visitors were able to try on and order clothes; a display of historic material, photography and objects, and a series of newly-commissioned works by contemporary artists including Tauba Auerbach, Anna Blessmann, Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Steff Norwood, Elisabeth Radcliffe, Bernie Reid and Marcus Selg. Along with collaborations with artists Markus Proschek, Josephine Pryde and Calum Stirling and photographer Zoë Ghertner, the show featured the work of more than 30 makers spanning fashion, sculpture, painting, graphic and commercial design, photography, craft and film. Passer-by was a hybrid dreamscape – part World Fair pavilion, part retail emporium – and explored the future of retail display in the digital age.

From a text by Melissa Blanchflower

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